Grimsby is the second campaign level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


Sgt. Nathan Hale wakes up in Grimsby's conversion center after the Chimera launch a Spire attack on York, England which brought a sudden end to the United States' attempt to recapture Britain from the Chimera and infected the remainder of the 1st Ranger Regiment.

When Sgt. Nathan Hale comes to his senses in the conversion center he sees Menials stripping human bodies and preparing them for the conversion process. He kills them and the other Chimera that are in the conversion center, then he goes through a door to a conversion cage area with soldiers from the British Army stuck in the cages almost seconds away from being converted. Two call out to him to try and free them, but when he goes near the cage Crawlers emerge from a vent and infect both of the soldiers in front of Sgt. Nathan Hale's eyes. Then a female voice calls to him and he darts over to the cage she's in, and discovers it's Rachel Parker. She tells him to shoot the control panel, which he does, and she escapes through a vent, but not before she tells Hale her frequency on the radio so they could contact each other.

It takes a few minutes before the Chimera realize Nathan Hale and Rachel Parker escaped their cages and are trying to escape the center, the Chimera regroup and try to stop those two from escape. Parker manage to escape the center first and awaits for Hale, as she forewarns him on ambushes was set by the Chimera. Hale manages to backfire the Chimera before he eventually escape from Grimsby with Rachel Parker via VTOL.


Campbell (comic)
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Fates Worse than DeathEdit

After you woke up, you must kill two Menials before you exit the pen, heads to the next room, kill another two Menials and heads to the another next room, go to the door and press the triangle button to flip the switch.

After the cutscene, exit the room where you saved Rachel Parker from being infected by Crawlers. As you head down the hallway you have to kill 6 Hybrids and 6 Menials by shooting and press the triangle triangle to melee until you reach the elavator, flip the switch get on the lift and ascend to the sufure. Get off the lift, turn left and use your Bullseye to tag onto a hybrid and shoot him dead, just don't worry about Menials, they'll ignore while they working. Keep going and turn left, before you jump down, you must kill two Menials quickly before they bite you by lose one health unit. Head outside and destroy 5 laser mines. You'll obtain Hedgehog Grenade and Rossmore 236, then climb up the stairs, turn right, enter the building, destroy 2 laser mines and walk upstairs to the walkway where you've killed hybrid earlier, turn left and drop down to the floor below. Destroy 2 laser mines and kill many menials and hybrids through the facility, go up the stairs to the walkway and flip the switch to open the door. Head outside, turn left, destroy 5 laser mines and drop down when you reach the conversion center.


Hunted DownEdit

Intel DocumentsEdit

  • Conversion: After meeting Rachel Parker, it is located inside a bathroom.
  • Captured: On the counter in the dining room across from the tavern where you find the Rossmore Shotgun.
  • York Set Up: On the side of a cart of dead soldiers

Skill PointsEdit

  • Don't Worry, Insurance Has It Covered (3 points): Destroy 5 or more black boxes.
  • 20th Sentry (3 points): Do not get hit by a laser mine.
  • Personal Space Bubble (4 points): Do not let any Menial grab you.


See Grimsby, England (level)/Transcript



  • The soldier that gets laid down on the table by the Menial at the beginning has the word "Mum" tattooed on both of his arms.
  • After the scene where the two soldiers get infected if you look into their pen there is no bald soldier even though in the cinamatic there is.
  • The fact that James Grayson keeps mentioning Grimsby's conversion center in his diary, it is believed that Grimsby may have been one of the 26 conversion centers destroyed by Grayson.
  • This was the level where the scrapped-grapple gun was going to be obtained, this explains why there are many circular explosive power cores, the grapple gun was removed very late in development as Lead Character Designer Damon Iannuzzi believed it was still in during his playthrough in 2016. [1]

  1. ^ 47:00

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