Operation Black Eden
"We fight, or we die."Charlie Tent

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The Grey are the long rivals of the Pure Chimera mostly fighting battles in the Chimeran star system. They are known to be even more crueler than the Chimera, (however this is not comfirmed as fact as the intel documents are from human perspectives and understandings).


Since millions of years going back to the Chicxulub Crater incident the Grey and the Chimera have been waging war for unknown reasons. Ever since the Chimeran loss of Earth; they were the cause of the retracting towers thus closing the wormhole and the retreatment of the Chimera.

The Chicxulub Crater was left as a result of their conflict. Besides this, various artifacts have also been left behind, later known as "Grey Tech". Humans and the Chimera would later engage in fights over their possession, as they had the capability to enhance either side's weapons.

While the Pure Chimera are known to still exist, the status of the Grey is currently unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Altough there is no official name for this misterious alien race, the community calls them the "Grey".