Colonel Grant Thompson was the overseer of Project Abraham.


On November 3rd, 1950, Thompson suspended all injections in the wake of Joseph Capelli's results from his injection; in which he assigned Dr. Cassandra Aklin in making use of her time to assess the remaining six candidates - Nathan Hale, Kenneth Danby, Channing Brown, Keith Oster, Glenn Khaner, and Frank Gennaro - and forwarding him a recommendation as to which man will be the next subject. This was met with protest from Aklin, who is morally against in sending the men to their obvious death given the severity of the project, in which Thompson responded to her that it is her duty to do so.

On December 1st, Thompson announced to Aklin that he had been keeping constant communication with the research team in Base Station Genesis that is also help contributing with Project Abraham's goal. He was mailed the latest serum from Dr. Fyodor Malikov, the scientific director at Genesis, that he have formulated, and decided in using the serum substituting the current serum developed at the Alaska facility after learning of that Malikov's serum had remarkable traction on subject Jordan Adam Shepherd. Expecting that this week's experiment could be the answer that the project had been looking for. Malikov's serum was eventually inoculated into Nathan Hale. On the same day, Thompson learned that one of the project's security officers was conducting improper surveillance on Project Abraham staffers and had sentence him on unpaid leave.

By December 12th, despite the project has not yielded a cure to the Chimeran virus Thompson saw some successes coming from Nathan Hale's recovery and expected that his natural antibody production will be essential in future studies. It is from Hale's results that Thompson forwarded the lab results on to Bryce Canyon, where Dr. Malikov will see to finishing the project's findings. On December 15th, Thompson shutdown Project Abraham after learning that the project's serum was not in accordance with the compound Dr. Malikov was recently using and would do more harm than good. Thompson transitioned the project's operations to Station Genesis.