Glenn Albert Khaner was a American soldier and a Project Abraham test subject.


Khaner was closely acquainted with Army psychiatrist Cassandra Aklin presumably during his enlistment in the U.S. Army, and developed a relationship between them. He proved himself to achieving the rank of 1st Lieutenant in January 24th, 1950 and was transferred to Base Station Igloo, Iceland where he had thought that Aklin would be there, but realized that she was in Alaska.[1]

While in Base Station Igloo, Khaner was trained in quarantine, triage and containment. During his training he met and befriended Russian analyst Stanislaw Ivanovich Ozerov. This caught the attention of the military in which Khaner was demanded to an intelligence query investigating a possible security breach in fear of Ozerov discussing his sensitive information regarding to the Chimera to Khaner.[2] Khaner later deliberately failed the placement exam in order to be transferred to Project Abraham where he will be reunited with Aklin.[3] Aklin was surprised to see Khaner, but noting that he was in denial of the seriousness of Project Abraham and believed that he is "helping the cause". In which Aklin hesitated in having Khaner being subjected to the project.

While in Project Abraham, Glenn was not entirely accepted by the other candidates despite his polite and honorable manner, which they instead looked up to Nathan Hale, whom Khaner became very jealous of his Army contemporary, especially for becoming close to Aklin. On November 26th, Khaner become the fourth test subject to be injected with the Chimeran Virus. The injection caused his cell structure to rapidly mutating and his body started to forming a new tissue extremely rapidly in and around his lungs, brain cavity, and neck. He died several minutes later due to suffocation.



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