Glenda is a female member of the Remnants.


After sometime the Chimera overran the United States, Glenda was the sole survivor of her family. Armed with her father's rifle she wandered into St. Louis in search of food. There she was attacked by a Ravager and managed to kill it. Her actions were observed by Charlie Tent, he then approached her and offered her to join the Remnants.

Resistance 3Edit

Glenda along with Ellis Turner and Martin were pinned down near their VTOL in St. Louis, with Charlie Tent and the other Remnants were fighting off a Stalker, they thought they would not survive. Luckily Joseph Capelli appeared and helped them clear out the Chimera and their counter attackers. Glenda was grateful and suggested that Capelli should join the Remnants.

Glenda later participated in an ambush, as the Remnants tried to get a power core for their VTOL. When the ambush failed, Glenda survived due to being on high ground and fighting off Longlegs. Despite surviving the ambush, she did not join the others on their trip to New York.