The German Army (or the Reichswehr after the Great War) was the land armed force of Germany from 1919 until the early 1950's.

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Before the Great War broke out Germany had a very powerful army. When Britain and France invaded the German colony of Togoland in West Africa on August 1914. By October 1918, Germany became exhausted from the war and requested a ceasefire.

In order to meet peace talk conditions, the country became a parliamentary democratic state under the Weimar Republic. The newly formed Weimar Republic needed a new army.

The Weimar Republic established the Vorläufige Reichswehr (Provisional National Defence), consisting of the Vorläufiges Reichsheer (Provisional National Army) and Vorläufige Reichsmarine (Provisional National Navy).

The army was again reorganised as the Übergangsheer (Transitional Army). Then the brigades were replaced by regiments and the manpower was reduced as stipulated by the Treaty of Versailles. This lasted until 1 January 1921, when the Reichswehr was officially established according to the limitations imposed by the Treaty of Versailles (Articles 159 to 213).

Germany and the German Army received strong support from the European Trade Organization and became a new member of the organization. Germany continued to support the Weimar Republic which triumphed over the Nationalist Socialist Party in September, 1930.

When the Chimeran invasion of 1949 began, millions of refugees from Eastern Europe fled to the west for safety, and Germany's geography became the focal point of refuge. Even before the Chimera invaded Germany, the German government was on the brink of collapse due to the country's sudden massive humanitarian burden. The army was ordered to defend Germany and to destroy anything that the Chimera could use to their advantage. However, their efforts had been in vain as they had no complete knowledge of the Chimera at that time, and the Chimera had no need to use human resources apart from humans themselves.[1] When the Chimera reached Berlin the German Army used tanks to stop Chimeran forces but were utterly routed by Hammers and Goliaths.[2] Eventually the German Army was annihilated and Germany fell to the Chimera.

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  • Reichsheer
  • Reichsmarine

Vehicles Edit

  • PzKpfw V Panther tanks[2]

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Known Military Operations Edit

  • Great War (Imperial German Army defeated by the Allies)
  • Chimeran War (German Army defeated by the Chimera)

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