George Seymore was the Secretary of Agriculture under the Noah Grace Administration.

During his cabinet meetings with Noah Grace, Seymore reported on the dire effects the Chimeran invasion had on American agriculture as of November 1951. His reports included failing farmlands due to artificial weather changes caused by the Chimera, startling food shortages, and the rising price of foodstuffs. Though, Seymore reported the success of the Victory Garden program in the face of the invasion, but notes that it wouldn't be enough to feed the American population. In which the administration then decided on ceasing shipping food abroad to help ameliorate the shortfall.

Seymore was among of Grace's cabinet members to strongly supported Project Omega. But following after the failure of Omega and Grace's subsequent death at the hands of Nathan Hale on December 24th, 1951, it is unknown whether Seymore remained under Grace's successor Harvey McCullen or ousted from his cabinet.

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