Psych ReportEdit

SOLDIER: Capt. Frank Gennaro
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

Captain Frank Gennaro is a family man, first and foremost. I'm hoping that we
can resolve this experiment before he becomes eligible for injection. If his wife
and kids knew what Project Abraham was all about, they would be praying for
the same, I can only imagine.

When I have time, I want to work through his compulsions with gambling.
Frank blames himself for his family's money problems - maybe that's how he
got involved with this whole mess.

Record of ServiceEdit




DETROIT, MICH on 04.11.46

REPORT DATE Record of promotions, reductions, transfers, casualties, etc. Date of implementation
4/15/46 Completion of IADT. Syracuse Rct Camp 4/16/46
4/17/46 Transfer to 3 BRIG 2 INF CAMP GORDON, GA 4/19/46
10/15/47 Promoted to First Lieutenant. Transferred to Fort Devens, Massachusetts 10/15/47
11/12/48 Transferred to 2 BRIG 1 INF, Camp Shelby, MISS. Supply Officer. 11/15/48
1/24/50 Promoted to Captain. Transferred to 1st BAT 21 INF CO C, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 1/26/50
10/10/50 Transfer to ALASKA - specific base location classified 10/12/50

Psych Report (2)Edit

SOLDIER: Capt. Frank Gennaro
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

I feel like a monster. I just learned that Frank Capt. Gennaro is now eligible for
this week's test. How can I continue working here knowing full well that our
research could deprive two kids of their loving father? Or send another widow
out into the world to fend for a shattered family?

Then again, why does Gennaro have any more right to live than the other two?
They're all human beings, right? I have to maintain my objectivity.

In light of his inclusion in the new voting pool, I had a longer session with
Frank today. He's wracked with guilt - over duty, responsibility and, mainly,
over money. It seems that the captain has a long history of gambling problems.
He mentioned some loan sharks (I think that's what they're called), but he shut
down when I pressed him on the matter. I think Frank has a lot of fear pent up
inside him, but I don't blame him one bit.

This situation has forced me to reevaluate my role at Project Abraham. How can
I "fix" this soldier's issues in such a limited frame of time? I know that's an
impossible way to think about it, but I refuse to just sit back and read them
their last rites.

I have to give Frank some semblance of psychological comfort. That goes for
the rest of the men, as well.

Psych Report (3)Edit

SOLDIER: Capt. Frank Gennaro
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

November 17th, 1950

My meeting with Frank Gennaro was brief and telling. His shoulders stiffened
up when I came into the room, so I wasted no time in letting him off the hook; I
told him that he wasn't chosen for the injection this week. It was as if he was
playing his own mental game of Russian roulette. He heard the all-important
"click" and knew that the bullet was in another chamber... this time.

But, the other side of this coin has an ugly face. Captain Gennaro is tensing up,
ready to hear the blast of a pistol pointed at his head. I hope it never is.

Psych Report (4)Edit

SOLDIER: Capt. Frank Gennaro
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

November 21st, 1950

I am most torn about Capt. Gennaro. It's difficult to separate out his fitness as
a scientific candidate from the fact that he has a family. I am also concerned
about the affect choosing him will have on the other's morale. Several of the
men have expressed their concern.

As the days go on, Gennaro seems to become more and more on edge. Not in
quite the same way as the other men. He becomes keener, more alert, more
alive. It is all, in some way, an exciting roll of the die for him.

Psych Report (5)Edit

SOLDIER: Capt. Frank Gennaro
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

November 24th, 1950

The captain came in and sat down. He seemed calm, but I don't think he really
was. He probably has a very good poker face. I told him that he hadn't been
selected. He nodded.

I asked him if there was anything he needed to talk about, but he said no and
thanked me. I told him that there was a strong sentiment among the others
that he should not be chosen. He said, 'You sit down at the table, you take
your chances. Someone's got to draw a losing hand. I knew what I had signed
up for.'

Psych Report (6)Edit

SOLDIER: Capt. Frank Gennaro
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

November 28th, 1950

Humanity will find its way into any situation - even Project Abraham.
I learned that when I saw Frank Gennaro teaching the other soldiers the
finer points of five-card draw. He acted like their father, patient and warm
(even though he soaked them for a good thirty bucks, according to Frank).
They're forming bonds to make some sense out of the insanity all round
them. Even in a place like this, the men find hope.

But each week, I see a piece of Gennaro's spirit die along with the test
subjects. When Brown went, it was like he lost a son. And even though
Frank and Oster weren't close, you could see the Captain's paternal
instinct kick in toward the end.

He's a protector. I admire him. I need to be more like Frank Gennaro.

Psych Report (7)Edit

SOLDIER: Capt. Frank Gennaro
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin


December 1st, 1950

Frank's role as the dutiful father is bleeding into his military life even more
now. When I informed him that he would not be receiving an injection this
week, he asked who was. It took me off guard and I replied, quite
honestly, that I didn't want to tell him because I hadn't told Hale yet.

Captain Gennaro wanted to break the news, soften the blow. He compared
it to when he yanked out his son's baby tooth by tying a string to it and
attaching the other end to a doorknob. I wish it were that simple.

I hope Gennaro can maintain his nurturing disposition - and that he never
has to face the darker truth behind Project Abraham for himself.

Psych Report (8)Edit

SOLDIER: Capt. Frank Gennaro
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

December 5th, 1950

As a true gambler, Gennaro has a curious perspective on the proceedings
here at PA. In a candid tone, he asked me, "Are my odds getting better or
worse?" I honestly didn't know how to respond. That's when he smiled
and apologized for putting me on the spot.

He apologized me? How absurd. Especially when I think about the
roles we're playing here in our little Alaskan casino of death. I'm dealing
the cards with a plastic grin on my face, wishing the soldiers luck. All
the while, I just want to scream for them to get out - get out while they
still can.

But, Gennaro knew the odds when he came here. As I said, he's a true

Psych Report (9)Edit

SOLDIER: Capt. Frank Gennaro
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

December 8th, 1950

I had to break the news to Frank - the worst news. His face gave nothing
away. After a moment he said, 'Well, that's it, isn't it.' And then,
although his expression never changed, I could see him...crumble. It's as
if he aged in front of my eyes.

I asked him if he wanted to speak to a chaplain. He said what he would
like to do was speak to his wife. I said I would see what I could do.

He muttered something about the government. Said they "wasted his
departure ticket." I have no idea what that meant, but he changed the
subject immediately. Started talking about his gambling troubles. What
struck is the way that Frank is still obsessed with money. He wants
to make sure that his insurance pays for his remaining debts, even though
he settled his major one with the man he calls "Vic." He spits the name
out like it's poison. Why should he care about Vic? Or money in general?
Because part of him is still alive and he will care for his family until they
send him, struggling and fighting, into his grave.

It's that fighter that gives me hope about Project Abraham. Hope in all
of us.

Unopened LetterEdit

If I should happen to die, I want the truth to
be known. I'm not proud of some of the things I've
done, but I took care of everything before my
death. In fact, covering my debts may have actually
caused my death. But that slimebag Vic Rigeti
can't say that I didn't pay him back. He got every
dime. If he tries to weasle anything more out of
my family, I want the military to protect them, even
if it means ruining my reputation and exposing my
gambling habits. Security for my wife and kids -
that's all I ask for. It's the least the U.S. government
can do for me, after all I've sacrificed at Project
Abraham. Bonnie, Willy and Lydia know how much
I loved them - that's all that matters to me.
Capt. Frank Gennaro

Vic's LetterEdit


I'm done fooling around. You haven't made your vig in
weeks and the boss is getting antsy. If we didn't hear
from you soon, we got no choice but to pay your
daughter Lydia a little visit. A pretty face like that
could earn a nice salary on the streets (and that's
not all that's gonna happen to her face, if you catch my
drift). Look on the brightside - the more tricks she
turns, the less you owe. I might just break her in
myself to get Lovely Lydia warmed up.

10,000 clams - not a penny less. Wire it to my personal
account at the South Boston Saving & Trust, Account
67100928 by next week if you know what's good for
you and yours

Vic "The Baker" Rigeti

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