Frank Anthony Gennaro was a captain in the United States military and a Project Abraham test subject.


Gennaro was a heavy gambler which brought him into serious debt and under threat from loan shark Vic Rigeti.[1][2] Fearing for his family's safety and trying to cover his debt, Gennaro, already a Captain in the United States Army, inducted into Project Abraham on October 10th, 1950 for monetary reward.[3]

Once enlisted in Project Abraham and becoming aware its fatal purpose, Gennaro was troubled and came to accept his inevitable fate given his reckless gambling life. Despite this, Gennaro maintained a friendly nature to his fellow candidates and acted as a paternal figure to them, thus building a bond between them and fulfilling some hope. He also became close friends with Channing Brown. After many of the candidates did not survived the experiments, Gennaro was devastated, especially over Channing's death.[4]

Gennaro later wrote a letter of recommendation to the military to protect his family from Vic Rigeti as a lasting effect should he ever die.[5] Furthermore, Gennaro wanted to have his family to be admitted into the Liberty Defense Perimeter, but his wife was later denied.[6][7] On December 12th, Gennaro became the second to last test subject. After his injection, he suffered a high metabolism before the doctor injects Gennaro with a second injection, which cause his body to partially mutate into a Chimera, developing four extra eye sockets and fangs. When his core body temperature rose up to over 106 degrees Fahrenheit, in his delirium, he cut himself open with a broken flask, and pulled out his own organs. He died several minutes later.