Four pages from the journal of Andrei Vezenskiy - the Cloven leader? The writing is fragmented: '4 January, 1927. No New Years celebrations for the men. Ordered to take the shots. All of us. Malikov seems convinced the medicine will protect us. I trust him. His toady - Novy -- I don't trust. (Grigori Yefimovich Novy, Malikov's chief assistant is mentioned in Dr. Bouchard's files - Grayson) Novy - he tells us the shots will make us stronger - better than the monsters from Siberia. I think they are all insane... 7 November, 1927. For months the shots worked. We were strong. We resisted. But the men have begun to change. The nightmares have gotten worse. Can't describe. 20 April, 1928. Malikov has fled. Novy is a fool. He wants us to retreat to Moscow. I say no. We are not like the others. The Leben Geist. We are the Lyutaya, the devils. Aug. 12, 1930. Must flee. Nyerrhhah. The west, flee to the west. Nightmares, won't stop. Yarshna. Will never stop. The Angry Night. The Angry Night.' The rest is gibberish and symbols I don't understand.

-- Journal Entry, 06 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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