The First Battle for Tunnel-Through was an assault on Tunnel-Through made by President Thomas Voss in a plan to eliminate New American Republic's leader, Judge George Ramsey, after the judge had destroyed the United States Federal Government's Freedom Base One in Ozark national forest.

Captain Marvin Kawecki was in charge of Ramsey's execution and realising that Tunnel-Through was heavily defended, decided to go around and recruit citizens of nearby towns and villages.

Once a reasonable size force was created, they formed groups which had jobs only them could uniquely do and each having at least one US soldier in them, due to their experience. Kawecki stayed behind with some men in a command base, organising troops via radio.

Unfortunately, Haven citizen Mel Tilson and a few others joined the New American Republic and betrayed their former friends by letting the judge know about the plans, before they happened, the Federal Government and Alliance could of pulled back then but knew that if they didn't attack, the Republic would attack them.

When in postion, ex-marine Tig Kosmo led most Haven fighters attacked the North gate of Tunnel-Through, when the Republic's regulators came out to attack them, the Osage Warriors, led by their chief, Bo, would aid the Haven fighters, whilst a smaller group of six, led by former Tunnel-Through citizen, Roger Shaw would slip past the defences and bring down the gate.

Though as Shaw's men entered the town, the regulators attacked. Judge Ramsey, knowing about the plan, had left the town earlier with a lot of his top men and ambushed their opponents command center, killing the commander, Kawecki, whilst Kosmo's men got flanked. Second-in-Command Sergeant Pasco initiated Plan B, which was a fall back and regroup.

Many regulators poured out of very concealed entrances and many of the best Alliance warriors were killed whilst other Alliance warriors were being hunted down, a group of regulators chased Shaw's team, which included Joseph Capelli, over a bridge, only for the Alliance members to turn around and slaughter them with a hail of Bullseye and Auger fire.

Having lost the battle, all survivors of the Alliance fled, knowing that Judge Ramsey would be planning to hunt them down.

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