3/23/57 - Saw a death squad setting fire to almost-hatched Leaper and Grim pods. Are
they afraid of them?

4/28/57 - Saw 5 Hybrids attacked by a swarm of Leapers. Hybrids fought back.
Hybrids killed all Leapers-but lost one of their own. I think there are two types of
Chimera now-feral and military. Feral ones survive, and probably breed (who knows
how...), in the wild.

5/11/57 - Grims down by the river turned feral-went after two Steelheads and killed
them both. Brutal. Wasn't even a fair fight.

6/16/57 - Saw a Widowmaker on the horizon. God help us if it's feral...

Feral vs. Military

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