The F-86 Sabre is a real-life fighter jet that is featured in Resistance 2, Resistance: Burning Skies and including Resistance (comics).

It is noted in Resistance: The Gathering Storm that despite the Sabre's technological inferiority to the Chimera's fighter aircraft, its human pilots are more talented and skillful in aerial combat than the average Chimeran pilot; proof of this can be seen on a parked Sabre's nose art in a hangar near the end of Station Igloo, showing more than a dozen kills.


Resistance 2Edit


F-86 Sabres attacking some Goliaths.

F-86 Sabres are seen in-game covering ground assaults and neutralizing Chimeran fighters. They are first seen during the first level of SRPA Station Igloo Base, as they are fending off Chimeran forces supported by Goliaths. As Nathan Hale and Richard Blake try to destroy a Goliath, a small squadron of Sabres provided a distraction by attracting the machine's attention and allowing Hale to damage one of the Goliath's rear exhaust ports.

During the Chicago level, a Sabre squadron attempted to clear an air corridor for the Sentinels, but contact was lost with them. It is assumed they were shot down by Stalkers and Chimeran anti-aircraft guns. Another Sabre squadron attempted to destroy a placement of Hellfire Turrets which are preventing Nathan Hale and Black Ops forces from advancing, but was briefly called off after Drones and Attack Drones started to prevent the human advance. After Hale and his forces destroyed the Drones, the Sabre squadron then later return and destroy the Hellfire Turrets.

Also during the assault on the Holar Tower, Sabres can be seen leading the way for SRPA VTOLs, and presumably wiping out a few Chimeran troops and machinery before the VTOLs deployed their soldiers. However, the Sabres' efforts failed as most of the SRPA squads were later nearly devastated by the Chimera.

The Sabre makes an appearances in Resistance (comics) in the first issue, piloted by Bravo One.

Resistance: Burning SkiesEdit

F-86 Sabres first appear on the first day of the Chimeran invasion of New York City in the level of Staten Island where it shot down the Chimeran Dropship where Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez, along with the Minutemen were fighting the invaders on the streets. Sabres also participated in dogfights against the Chimeran fighters and later bombing the George Washington Bridge to preventing any Chimera on foot from crossing.

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