DATE: August 12, 1951

MEMO: To all personnel
FROM: Captain Samuel Cooper
RE: Emergency Withdrawal Ellis Island

Given the size and competency of our security team it is
very unlikely that we will be forced to withdraw from
Ellis Island--but it is our duty to be ready for every
possibility. So please memorize the following orders
and be prepared to carry them out should a withdrawal
order be issued.

(1.) All personnel will assemble at rally points 1, 2 & 3
according to their unit designation and consistent with
the directive issued July 2nd.
(2.) Responsibilities:
A. The 1st platoon will take appropriate steps to defend
the base while the withdrawal takes place.
B. The 2nd platoon will evacuate all personnel from the
labs and terminate their experiments.
C. The 3rd platoon will secure and hold either (1.) a
suitable landing zone for VTOL aircraft, or, (2.) a dock
where boats or other watercraft can take personnel off.
(3.) Once the labs are cleared, and all civilian personnel
have been loaded on VTOLs or boats, the 1st platoon will initiate bio-cleansing procedures in order to make
sure that nothing can fall into enemy hands.

I am confident that there will be no need to withdraw
from Ellis Island but trust that each member of the
command will do his duty should the need arise.

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