Ellie Martinez was the female leader of the Minutemen and a supporting character in Resistance: Burning Skies. She was a daughter of John Martinez and Eleanor Martinez.


Ellie was the daughter of a American soldier, who fought and died in England against the Chimera in Operation Morning Star. She carried on her father's legacy in leading a group of American resistance fighters, known as the Minutemen, to fight the Chimera should they invade the United States.

Resistance: Burning SkiesEdit

On the day of the Chimeran invasion, Ellie and the other members of the Minutemen tries to hold off the invaders in New York City, while providing citizens of New York Metropolitan Area the chance to evacuate. Tom Riley subsequently joins Ellie in assisting her to protect the people, including Riley's family and defend the evacuation zone. During the battle, Ellie and Riley discovered a cache of Grey Tech components that was being escorted by the military and realized the potentials it has in upgrading their weapons. Thereafter, Ellie, Tom, and several Minutemen escaped from the Spire attack on Staten Island.

Ellie then helped Tom to reunite with his family that he was separated during the attacks by bringing to the naval base in Bayonne and introducing him to Colonel Bill Amherst, who is also a close friend of Ellie's father, and as well showing Amherst the Grey Tech components she discovered. However, Amherst was wary of the components, especially those that were commissioned by SPRA scientist Richard Gorrell, a man that he despised. Their discussion is immediately cut short as the facility is then attacked by the Chimera. Ellie and Riley assist US Army personnel in defending the base. During the attack, Ellie manned an anti-aircraft gun and shoot down the Chimeran Dropship, which nearly crashed into her, but she survived. Ellie and Riley worked together by installing a main battery gun to the U.S.S. Puerto Rico when the Abomination emerges in the Upper New York Harbor.

After defending the base and killing the Abomination, Ellie and Riley were tasked by Amherest in investigating SRPA Station Kali on Ellis Island. While en-route by VTOL, they pass over the George Washington Bridge where Chimeran reinforcement were crossing the bridge, which forced American forces into calling an airstrike into destroying the bridge. However, Riley saw a VTOL crash onto the bridge, with its air crew survived, and telling Martinez to call off the airstrike. Ellie was unfortunately unable to calling off the strike and forced herself in rescuing Riley. After rescuing downed crew of VTOL, Ellie and Riley quickly escape before the strafing F-86 Sabres dropped their payload of bombs which destroys the bridge, preventing any Chimeran ground soldiers from crossing.

She and Riley arrives on Ellis Island by boat and infiltrated the SPRA Station Kali which already been abandoned and now is completely overrun by the Chimera. They fought their way through the facility and found the severed wounded scientist who already been infected by the virus and attacked before they managed to kill him. They enters the Gorrell's office and learned about the "Human Source". She grab the film and escape the base with Riley.

They arrived in Union City, New Jersey where the Chimera attacked and destroys the Protection Camp. She and Riley split up and enter the town where she regroup with Riley who saw the Carriers taken the human survivors, including his family. They battle against the Chimera and fight their way to the rooftop of the Radio Tower and destroys the Spire Beacon, forcing the Chimera to retreat. Mac and the group of the Minutemen arrived in the scene and tells them to abandoned the city. But Ellie refuse and tell him to be in charge of the group before she and Riley catch up with the fleeing Carrier, allowing it to carry them both to the nearest tower in Appalachian Mountain.

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