Elden Stockmeyer was a American political protester against the Noah Grace administration.


In July 1949, he attended a protest rally in Tallahassee, Florida, where he venerated his stance against the Noah Grace government and his beliefs of a wider conspiracy happening in Europe. The protest was subsequently cracked down by the military, in which Stockmeyer was arrested and then severely bludgeoned by a soldier, Keith Oster, who was infuriated with Stockmeyer's protests before local Floridian law enforcers restrained Oster. Stockmeyer came out of his beating with an irreparable broken jaw and minor brain damage.

In spite of his injuries, his handler was not reprimanded for his actions and Stockmeyer was arrested for posing as a "clear and present threat to national security." After his arrest, Stockmeyer was discovered to possess classified documents relating to the Liberty Defense Perimeter.[1][2]


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