Eigner was an Austrian soldier who fought in the Siege of Genoa.


Eigner had been on the run since Vienna fell to the Chimera. He is fluent in English and claimed to be the last of his unit, and possibly the last Austrian still in Europe. He also claimed that anyone that fell behind enemy lines never escaped.

Eigner fell back to Genoa, Italy where he met American Channing Brown and was assigned to a twelve man mixed unit of British and Italian soldiers gathering intelligence under the command of Lt. Dillsent-Thomas.

Eigner served as an intellgencer and took photographs of several Chimeran strains with a Zeisz camera. During a firefight with Hybrids and a Steelhead, Eigner was mortally wounded and, knowing that if he were caught by the Chimera and would be converted, committed suicide with a self-inflicted gunshot.

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