"The Eiffel Tower, once the crown jewel of the Parisian skyline, was now only a pillar of what would become a vast Chimeran city."
Rachel Parker[src]
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The Eiffel Tower during Chimeran occupation.

The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower and iconic touristic monument of Paris, France that was constructed by Gustave Alexandre Eiffel in 1889.

Following the aftermath of the Chimeran invasion in 1949, the Eiffel Tower is fractionally damaged despite still being intact to the city. During Chimeran occupation, the Eiffel Tower was fractionally damaged and incorporated as a pillar into the Chrysalis Lair. This caused the Tower to almost fall apart. It is assumed that the Eiffel Tower has been destroyed for safety when Paris became free from Chimeran occupation, but it is unknown at this point.

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  • The Eiffel Tower is seen in some Resistance: Retribution concept art and the last of the four levels of Chrysalis.

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