The dog-tags were cut from pure silver, and belonged to Colonel Roland 'Draco' Mallery. The lanyard must have broken as Mallery dropped into the catacombs from outside. I remember 'Draco' was his pilot call sign. Did Mallery really see himself as a dragon in battle, flying the skies, swooping down to unleash a hailstorm of fury on his prey? One similarity... dragons blow a lot of hot air. I know one thing, Mallery's confidence and cool demeanor vanished whenever Raine was near. Can't blame the poor sod. She's smart, gorgeous, and charismatic as hell-- way above his station -- and mine. Yet neither of us realised that by the way she acted around us - she was that smooth. Was she using us? It makes perfect sense -- Mallery could provide the resources and manpower for her research, and I could get her deep inside the conversion facilities. But then, why come to visit me in my cell last night? She already had everything she needed -- or did she?

-- Journal Entry, 06 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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