Claude Bouchard was a Maquis doctor and the father of Raine Bouchard.


Claude was a scientist working for the Military Defence Commission. During that time, he became a colleague of Doctor Fyodor Malikov and had been extensively studying on the Cloven for years prior to the Fall of Europe.[1] In late 1950, a group of six Cloven were captured and brought to the Luxembourg labs. Claude oversaw the Cloven and experimented them, believing he had found that the Cloven possess a hive mentality after having some of them euthanized.[2]

Claude and his daughter Raine joined the Maquis during the Chimeran War. Bouchard centered his research around creating a special virus serum to kill the Carrier strain in Europe - and thus bringing a complete halt to the Chimeran conversion process. Raine believed in her father's work just as much as he did, and they promised to succeed together. Together, they managed to synthesize the serum based on Raine's biology after she was captured and experimented upon by the Chimera. At this time, the Maquis' Luxembourg fortress was under siege by the Chimera; James Grayson found the Bouchard's and insisted to them that they escape, Claude refused to leave as the serum was coming close to be completed. Claude was then fatally injured when a Burrower broke through a wall and knocked Bouchard off a high platform he was standing on to the floor. Bouchard, fatally injured, was held by his devastated daughter as he died before imploring her to finish their work on the serum.

After the end of Operation Overstrike, Bouchard's serum succeeded - Carriers died all over Europe and the Chimera lost usage of their conversion centers. However, Bouchard's virus became obsolete when the Chimera developed a new conversion process: Spinners.



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