"Don't stop fighting, don't let them take you alive because some things are worse than death."
―Douglas Braithwaite[src]
Field Marshall Douglas Braithwaite was a commander of the British Army and was stationed in Central Command. On October 22nd, 1950, Braithwaite was trapped in Central Command as London is besieged by the Chimera. He made a desperate but for naught attempt to contact Avalon One. Braithwaite only made his last message to whoever is listening to never stop fighting and never be taken (alive) by the Chimera while inexplicably warning about the Chimeran conversion process. It is later presume that Braithwaite was later killed once Central Command was breached and flooded by the Thames River.


"Central Command to Avalon One, priority broadcast over?...This is London calling, Avalon One, are you still out there?...No matter I suppose, not now. Darkness is coming. If I close my eyes I can almost feel it [an Angel screams]. It swept through Europe from the east. It left no country untouched. It left no army intact.It left nothing. No survivors, no refugees, no bodies. Initially I heard they called it the 'Deathless Plague', an invinceble wave that no bullet could stop. The Russians called it the 'Angry Night'. We just know it as the 'Chimera'. And it's on the other side of these walls as I speak. London's burning.The Chimera will soon be upon us. I've ordered my men to save one bullet each, because I've seen what happens. I've seen what they do. And I know what it meens for us. Don't stop fighting. Don't let them take you alive. Because some things are worse than death. This is Field Marshall Douglas Braithwaite, it's October the 22nd, 1950. Pray for us. Central Command out."
―Field Marshall Douglas Braithwaite trying to contact Avalon One.[src]


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