Derek was a criminal and leader of a gang which included James Grayson and Luke. It is known that he lived "in a shack" and had a child that snatched purses for him whilst he got into fights. When Grayson joined the Marines, which made Derek nervous because Grayson knew a lot about his gang and that he might tell. He found Grayson and told him not to go only to be told he was "a little small-time for his majesty" which upset him. He started a fight with Grayson only for the police to turn up and arrest him and his gang.

As the Chimeran War forced Britain to become desperate to draft in many men to the military, Derek was among them and didn't known he was called up until he was arrested for vagrancy. He was put into Grayson's unit where he and his former "friend" resumed their animosity toward each other. Grayson attacked him, leaving him lying in pain on the floor. Grayson was told off by his commanding officer who dealt with Derek another way.