Depot is a multiplayer map featured in Resistance: Burning Skies. It takes place in a SRPA Storage Facility.

Overview Edit

Depot is a medium sized map, made up of three large sections. Players can travel between these sections via the two walkways on both sides of the map.

Strategies/Tips Edit

  • During games of survival, players can hide in any of the small rooms spread across the map. These rooms can be found in both of the map's corners.
  • The Bullseye is very helpful here as it has the ability to lock all your bullets onto an enemy. This is particularly useful here as many of the obstacles (e.g. trucks, crates) in the map may get in your way.
  • The Auger can also be very useful, as it can shoot through anything that blocks your sight.
  • The Hunter is a wise choice tactically, as its primary fire is powerful for shooting both far and close range. If you ever find yourself on one of the map's two walkways while equipped with the Hunter, try sending a drone to any ground forces via the weapons secondary fire. This will serve as an extra man on the battlefield, while you take out any enemies on the opposite walkway.

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