Deathmatch is an online multiplayer game mode in the Resistance series. Unlike other game modes, it is not team or objective based. Individual players battle to kill other players within the game to reach a kill limit fastest. Whoever reaches the kill limit first, or has the most kills when the time limit runs out, is the winner. For the reason that all players are enemies, it is often considered the most intense game mode. It is also considered the fastest way for players to gain kills and XP online.

In both Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, the kill limit for ranked deathmatches is 25, although this can be altered in custom games. However, one minor difference between the games is that in Resistance: Fall of Man players earn points for assists to contribute to their score, whereas in Resistance 2 players do not earn points for assists. This therefore means that in Resistance: Fall of Man, a player can win the game with 24 kills and 5 assists so they in fact do not need 25 kills. 

In Resistance 3 there is the possibility to play Deathmatch Small.  

In Resistance: Burning Skies you have the option to choose between Deathmatch Large or Deathmatch Small. DM Large is with 6-8 players in total and DM Small is with only 4 players.

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