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The Deadeye is a Chimeran sniper rifle and the seventh weapon obtained in Resistance 3. The Deadeye has a powerful zoom scope and high-velocity rounds, making this an effective weapon at extremely long range. Unlike the various iterations of the L23 Fareye it has a digital zoom scope, and left and right on the D-Pad do nothing with this weapon. It is found in one of the apartments in an abandoned building in St. Louis

Its primary fire is a single supersonic blast of energy with pinpoint accuracy. Its secondary fire is a Proton Charge that disintegrates most enemies with a single shot, but it is hard to shoot. The charged shot must be charged up and targeted on the target, while if aimed correctly, is even capable of penetrating through multiple targets. It is wielded by Sniper Hybrids and Sniper Longlegs.

It is reclaimed by picking one up from Cell Block B in the prison.


  • Deadener: Places a cursor around enemy heads to indicate aim point for a head shot, and unlocks the ability to zoom the Deadeye in and out.
  • Phase Shot: The Deadeye's secondary fire will now pass through walls and other solid surfaces.
  • Quick tip: Auger fire is limited throughout the game but deadeye rifles are quite abundant. Use the auger scope to see though the walls and aim at chimerian snipers are at enemies that are not moving. WITHOUT moving the crosshair, switch to the deadeye, zoom in and fire with the secondary fire upgraded to level three in order to phase through to kill the motionless enemy. Most effective on deadeye hybrids.


In multiplayer Competitive mode it holds 7 rounds in total in each magazine.

Campbell (comic)
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A Chimeran-based sniper rifle. A powerful zoom scope and high-velocity rounds make this an effective weapon at extremely long range.

R1 - Fires a single supersonic blast of energy with pinpoint accuracy.
R2 - Press to charge up and fire a Proton Charge that disintegrate most enemies with a single shot.



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