The dead Cloven had dropped from above, where he was crushed by the collapsing tunnel. If it weren't for my current affliction, I never would have survived the poisonous gasses long enough to find him. I noticed his eyes were glazed over, and jaundiced like mine, and he was hot to the touch, as as if his blood were boiling and roasting him from the inside. A broken medical pack beside him looked just like the one I found back in Luxembourg--the strange one that cooled me off like a pint of draught from back home. I don't like the implication. According to Claude Bouchard's records, the Cloven were 'made' by a Dr. Malikov when he injected Russian soldiers with a vaccine to immunise them against Crawler attacks. Is it the same vaccine Spectre gave me back at the Worm? What I do know is, I'm not bonkers like these sodding Cloven least not yet.

-- Journal Entry, 06 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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