For scientist that participated in Project Abraham as a test subject, see Kenneth Danby.

Danby was a Sentinel who participated in the rescue operation at Hasbro Mining pit near Madison, Wisconsin.

Danby and his men were chosen by Acting Platoon Sergeant Marvin Kawecki to aid Nathan Hale as he stormed the pit's conversion center searching for William Dentweiler and Henry Walker. When they entered the center, Danby was horrified of the number of cocoons inside the facility. Hale then ordered him and his men to rip open the cocoons to find Dentweiler, Walker, and more importantly the tape Walker had in his possession. One of Danby's men found Dentweiler who was still alive and nearly transformed, pleading to be killed which Hale did. Later Danby found the gruesome remains of Walker and told one of his men, Pvt. Quinn, to search his corpse for the tape which he found on the back of the body. Thereafter, Danby and the others quickly evacuated on one of the last VTOLs before Chimeran forces arrived on the scene.


Danby seems to be an soldier eager to lead men into battle, but shown to be squeamish in acknowledging the significant difference between Chimera and half-converted humans which makes him start to stutter.


  • Danby shares the same surname to Kenneth Danby, who volunteered but ended up helping Project Abraham. Though Danby is not related to Kenneth.

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