SRPA DM177533

From: Research Station Genesis
To: Director, Research Facility, Project Abraham
Re: Summary of Results of Serum Injection in Subject JAS
Date: 12/4/1949

Preliminary tests indicated that serum run 51 should, in
the short run, provide a healthy test subject with
immunity to the virus and should ward off transformation.
But in a trial with subject JAS, test subject showed
little immunity and major transformation.

Subject JAS initially showed a response comparable to
previous test subjects (standard progression based on
Russian trials, provided by Malikov.) The expectation was
that with the current serum, viral load (as measured in
RNA copies per ml, see exhibit 1) would fell to
undetectable levels, and that JAS would not transform.

JAS showed an uncharacteristic in viral load at
about week 8, and physical changes continued as well.

Subsequent testing has revealed subject JAS had an
asymptomatic viral infection (mononucleosis) which took up
residence in B-lymphocyte cells. Asymptomatic infection
is probably common in a small percentage of apparently
healthy Americans. However, the resulting mild compromise
of the immune system meant that the serum virus was not
well checked by normal immunological function.

The viral load for JAS is now at unacceptably high levels.
Transformation, while nonstandard, is irreversible.

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