SRPA DM177531


From: Military Research Operations, Bryce Canyon
To: SRPA Hall of Records

Due to the tragic chain of events that transpire with
subject Jordan Adam Shepherd, we are shifting our focus to
his potential usefulness in the future. The private will
serve as a key component in our never-ending quest to fend
off European invaders before they reach our shores.
However, the nature of his role can never be divulged to
those without proper security clearance; even his family
must believe that he was killed in action.

Therefore, we are requesting a series of documents that
will be essential in maintaining our cover. First, we
need to fabricate reassignment papers to convince
Shepherd's family that he is shipping off to Europe imme-
diately. Next, we will proceed with the standard protocol
as if the private were gunned down in battle while sta-
tioned in Luxembourg (hand-delivered telegram, death cer-
tificate, insurance policy payout, etc.).

Please begin drafting the aforementioned papers ASAP.

Lieutenant-General Hart Geurewitz

His folks will be torn up bad when they hear
their son is KIA - but its not half as awful
as what's really happening to him

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