SRPA file DEP783528 regards to mass civilian evacuation procedures into the Liberty Defense Perimeter should the Chimera invade the United States.


SRPA DEP783528



This evacuation plan assumes the following conditions:

The coasts are too vulnerable to protect. The proposed
Liberty Defense Perimeter will be completed by July 1952.
All essential government services will be evacuated to
within the Liberty Defense Perimeter. Civilian populations
within the Liberty Defense Perimeter will be relocated to
Protection Camps.

Government, Military and Civilian Populations outside the
LDP will be evacuated in stages. Based on the speed of the
occupation of Europe, it is expected that there will be
massive civilian casualties. Unfortunately, premature
evacuation of the population will cripple the economy and
devastate needed production as well as inciting mass panic.

All areas outside the LDP controlled by the enemy will be
designated 'gray zones'.


List A (Essential and family)
List B RED card (Priority and family)
List C BLUE card (defense)
List D YELLOW card (Secondary defense)


Troops that are evacuated will be concerned for their
families. For the sake of morale, they must be assured that
steps are being taken to protect their families and that
their families are a priority for evacuation. If possible,
lists of families will be forwarded to civil authorities.
At this time, no other consideration has yet been formally
approved for families of service members. (See MPXX336684)


List A: (Essential government personnel and their families,
Congress members and their families, people on Presidential
list and their families) will be personally contacted
(phone call or military escort) and told to report to
predesignated pick-up locations to be evacuated to the
staging area at Kansas City. Congress members may be
assigned two designated pick-up locations.

All Congressmen and their families in Washington D.C. will
be assigned a D.C. area pick-up location.

Congressmen whose home districts are in the gray zone and
who are identified on the Presidential list will be
assigned a second pick-up location in their home areas
in case congress is not in session at the time of attack.

List B: people who have RED evac cards are to be given
priority on all evacuation transport. At the time of
evacuation, civil authorities will be informed that anyone
bearing a RED evac card is to be given top priority and if
possible, escorted with their immediate families (defined
has spouses, children, and parents living in the same home)
to a military base where they can be evacuated.

List C: people who have BLUE evac cards will be given
second priority. These are primarily troops that are to be
reassigned to defense towers and protection camps.

List D: people who have YELLOW evac cards are second wave
personnel. They will be assigned to combat the invasion
and will be admitted to the LDP as part of an orderly
retreat or with orders assigning them within the LDP.

All others will be evacuated by civil authority, only after
key personnel have already been evacuated. The government
will issue evacuation quotas to such civil authorities as
are still functioning during and after any invasion.


Refugees will be discouraged, either by authority or
by force, from establishing camps or settlements at the border
of the LDP.

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