Courtyard is a multiplayer map featured in Resistance: Burning Skies . It takes place around a series of rooftops.


Courtyard features a series of rooftops, an underground section, and a large center layer. The rooftops provide a nearly full view of the entire map, and serve as key locations for sniping.  The underground section is ideal for camping, especially during survival games. The middle layer of the map provides a small battlefield for close quarters combat.

Strategies/Tips Edit

  • During matches of Survival, the maps underground section can be used for camping. Make sure to place some hedgehog grenades underneath the large hole in the ceiling though, as your enemies may attempt to ambush you from it.
  • The Sixeye is highly recommended for this map, as it is the only in-game sniper, and the map is rather large.
  • The Mule is also very affective in Courtyard, seeing as how it can be used for both close and far range attacks.
  • If your looking for a fast way to the map's underground section, a large hole has been placed on the right side of the map. Do NOT go through the hole from the rooftop though, as you will die. Instead, go through the hole from the ground level.

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