Date: August 6, 1951

TO: Richard Gorrell

FROM: Harvey Corbin

RE: Ellis Island Budget

On July 12th you were informed that the Ellis Island
project is currently 1.6 million dollars over budget and
you were asked to submit (1.) a detailed explanation,
including a list of overruns with an explantion for
each, (2.) a list of initiatives aimed at controlling costs,
and (3.) a projected/revised budget for fiscal year 1951.

As of today I have yet to receive a response from you
other than a litany of excuse ranging from "a shortage
of equipment," to my personal favorite, "increased
security resulting from the need to keep lab subjects
under control." Put some mouse traps in the lab. How
expensive is that?

For the reasons listed above I am suspending payment
of all bills associated with the Ellis Island project until
you submit the documents outlined in paragraph one.

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