Core Control

A player holding a Power Core.

Core Control is a Capture the Flag type multiplayer game mode in Resistance 2.

Both Human and Chimeran forces try to steal the Power Cores from the other team in order to win. When a team collects 3 Power Cores they win the match.


Core control

A player running with a Power Core.

  • You can't shoot anyone whilst holding the core as both hands are used carrying it.
  • In unranked games the maximum capture limit is 7 captures.
  • In unranked games if friendly fire is on, lots of players will kill the core carrier to take it for themselfs and get it captured, sometimes resulting in the core ending up back at the enimies base. Due to multiple Pulse Cannon fire etc this is a form of cheating and playing unfairly and most of the time it starts a riot where everyone keeps killing each other because of this.

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