3800 Clarendon Blvd., 80th floor,
Arlington, VA 22201.
August 13, 1951

Dr. Joshua Lederberg
45000 Bogert Avenue.
Ridgewood, New Jersey

Dear Joshua,

It has been awhile since the conference in Vienna, and
oh how Iwish we could live in such peaceful times
again. Unfortunately such is not the case and it is my
duty to inform you that due to your expertise in the
field of genetics you have been selected to join the staff
of the labratory located on Ellis Island.

For reasons of security, it will be necessary for you to
depart immediaty--and to do so without discussing the
nature of your assignment with your family, friends,
or associates. Please do not resist. Lieutenant Powell
and his subordinates will resort you to New York and
from there to Ellis Island.

I'm aware of your feelings on this matter and the
hardship this will impose on you, but this is a time of
sacrifice, and I know that you will respond accordingly.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Leonid Makine

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