I'm beginning to understand why we never saw any female Chimera in England... they had not been converted yet. It's as if the Chimera were saving them? I've found a pod of some kind, holding a human female, hooked up to a Chimera machine. The pod was completely submerged in this foul smelling fluid that used to be the Rhine River. Can't tell if she's alive or not. She looks cold as ice, frozen. I should know - I've dated plenty of frigid broads in my time. I shouldn't joke. Like my brother, if she is alive, she's going to wish she were dead by the time the Chimera are done with her. En route to Bonn we saw hundreds of Chimeran Carriers carrying bodies into the city dome. None of them were in pods like this however. I wonder what makes this one different?

-- Journal Entry, 01 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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