In a culvert in the frozen Seine, I found a Cloven frozen to death, clutching a small artifact. I pried it from his cold dead hands and watched four more artifacts spill out and sink to the frozen riverbed. They were little Russian dolls, maybe from the Louvre? I don't know enough to know if they're fancy enough to be shown in a museum. What I do know is this maniac died trying to take it out of Paris. The odd thing about these Russian dolls...they have a lot in common with the Cloven. It sounds ridiculous--but these dolls are built to tightly nest five figures in one body. Almost like the Cloven's hive mind and small unit sizes. The Cloven beneath Paris are so far from Russia--maybe this doll became a sacred reminder of home--what they're still fighting for. Which brings up an even greater question, what the bloody hell are the Cloven fighting for?

-- Journal Entry, 06 September, 1951-- James Grayson

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