Closton Brown was born in 1933 and was the younger brother of Channing Brown.

In 1942, Closton and Channing sneak away to hunt a bear on Tusel Creek. Tragedy struck when Channing accidentally and fatally shot Closton. Channing carried his brother to the farm of Elisha and Merta Bahning for aid, but he eventually died from his injuries.

The death of his brother forced a frightened Channing to lie about the exact cause of Closton's death. He fabricated a story in which Closton, intent on hunting, accidentally shot himself. Sheriff Arnold Anderson believed the lie, deducing that Closton's small size may have caused him to trip and shoot himself when carrying the rifle. Channing never told the truth which haunted him throughout his life.

Closton's father Reverend Ketchum Brown did a service for him the following Tuesday at Swan Cove Baptist Church.

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