DATE: June 4, 1951
MEMO TO: Richard Gorrell
FROM: Dr. Joshua Lederberg
RE: Project Abraham Analysis

As you requested, I have analyzed the lab notes you provided. My conclusions are as follows:

Project Abraham is a top-secret effort to find a cure to
the Chimeran virus. Volunteers are injected with
experimental vaccines, followed by doses of the
Chimeran virus in an attempt to determine whether
immunity had been conferred. The results have been
largely unsuccessful.

A detailed account of the experimental process, the
chemical make up of the prototype vaccines used on
each subject, and their physiological responses follows
an a detailed report.

On another subject, I would like to thank you for your
most kind offer of employment at the Laboratories on
Ellis Island. However, I must respectfully decline. While
I admire your conviction, I cannot in good conscience
lend my efforts to research that I find both extremely
speculative and ethically reprehensible.

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