On the flight deck, I found a stash of crates filled with a light-weight steel alloy-- the armour plating that made Chimeran Dropships so hard to destroy. Old, weathered paint on the crates read: 'From: RAF Transport Command, Gibraltar- Dest: Dover.' British intelligence must have discovered this technology and shipped it home, but it never arrived. The Maquis must have intercepted the shipment and stolen it for their own use. Once the RAF was destroyed, there was no one left alive to report the theft...We helped the UED and Maquis throughout the Chimeran war, yet they stole vital technology that could have saved countless lives. If Britain had this alloy, we could have armoured our fleet of VTOLs, and might not have lost so many people on Operation Overstrike, including Maquis forces. The Maquis thieves betrayed not only Britain, but also their own people.

-- Journal Entry, 03 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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