Lieutenant Childress was the commander of the 24th SAS Regiment's H-Squadron.

Childress fought in Operation Shear where his squadron was overall commandeered by Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright with Childress leading half of H-Squadron and his second-in-command Saunders directing the other half.

During Shear, Childress and his half of the company (54 troops) were tasked to clear out a Chimeran mortar position located in an old building. Claiming this position would tip the operation into the British Army's favor.

After clearing out the Chimera from entrenched Sentry Guns and trench works, Childress along with most of his half of H-Squadron made a valiant decision to keep the mortars from targeting a few of his men and Sergeant Nathan Hale who stormed the position and destroyed the mortars. Childress' Squadron's act of valor resulted in the cost of their lives as only Sgt. Hale emerged from the objective to continue with Operation Shear.

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