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Chicago is the seventh campaign level of Resistance 2.


Echo Team and Dr. Fyodor Malikov arrive in Chicago with the goal of deactivating the city's Chimeran tower. Upon landing, Echo separates in fighting through Chimeran forces in clearing an air corridor for Malikov to fly to the tower.


Chicago OutskirtsEdit

Follow the rest of Echo Team into the streets and jump down. There will be a V7 Splicer and on the street to the right, there is a Rossmore and a Frag Grenade. On the corner of the street of where the Splicer was, there are M5A2 Folsom Carbines. Turn left from the street you came from and turn right to see a long street. Stay there as a swarm of Grims emerge from their hiding places. It is recommended that you shoot the V7 Splicer in controlled bursts, as you can run out of ammo from spamming. If you almost get overrun or have low ammo, run back to the street where the Rossmore is and pick that up. After clearing out the swarm of Grims, walk down the street to find another V7 Splicer. Feel free to pick this up and use it against more approaching Grims. At that intersection, if you turn right and go into the alleyway, you'll find a HE .44 Magnum and a Grim climbing over a wall. Continue down the main street and kill the final Grims. Then turn left into the alleyway.

After the cutscene, head up to the top of the stairs and go into the building. There is a hole in the floor, but if you manage to jump across, you'll find yourself a Frag Grenade and a Hellfire turret engaging you. Quickly grab it, then jump down the hole and deactivate the first Hellfire turret. There is a Fareye you can pick up. As Warner enters the building across the street, three Steelheads will appear under him. Kill them and Warner will deactivate the Hellfire turret on his side. Then go through the balcony, but immediately run into the building on the left before the Hellfire turret engages you. Go into the room and the Leviathan will make its first roar. There are Fareyes in the room, but they're not mandatory. Go up the stairs and deactivate the turret. Then Warner gets attacked by a swarm of Hybrids. Kill them as they go beside the windows (as the Hellfire turret will engage if you're not in cover). A Grim will climb in front of you, so kill it immediately before killing the rest of the group. Warner will then deactivate the next turret. Make a jump to your left and take cover where the Carbines are. There is a Magnum behind you on the bed. Deactivate your last turret and Hunter Drones will then attack you and Warner. Destroy them and Warner will then deactivate the last turret. Then head on through the bridge into the building. Melee the door and jump down.

Cornforth HotelEdit

Swim though the wreck of the hotel and then take cover behind some debris as some Hybrids on a platform are firing at you. Quickly eliminate them. After having killed all the Hybrids proceed forward by jumping over cars, avoiding the Fury infested waters. Eliminate some Patrol Drones and climb the rails and then you see the Leviathan for the first time. Then you try to jump across a gap but fail, making a part of the train fall and causing water and Furies to come in the dry construction site. After quickly getting out, go into a dark hotel with several Grims and cocoons. Quickly eliminate the Grims. After jumping down, you are ambushed again by Grims and avoid the water as there is a Fury in it. Then Grims manage to open a door. Eliminate them and head upstairs to Michigan Avenue.

Michigan AvenueEdit

A team of Black Ops soldiers attack and clear the area for Warner to land his VTOL. They battle through, encountering many enemies. Hybrids, Advanced hybrids, Ravagers, Stalkers, Patrol Drones, Hunter Drones, Attack Drones, Grims and Leeches participate in the battle. The team destroys a Stalker by a downed VTOL and some Hybrids try to retreat . After killing them, Ravagers go over the bridge and attack. After the team defeats all six, then proceed towards the bridge but it is guarded by 2 Hellfire Turrets. They call in airstrikes but are attacked by several Patrol Drones and two Attack Drones. Upon defeating them grants the airstrike, destroying the turrets. After the team goes over the bridge, they immediately go off the road as they are attacked by three Stalkers. At the end of the pathway there is a building that serves as a Laark ammo cache, but the building is infested with Grims and Leeches. They take down the remaining Hybrids and kill some Grims charging at them. After they secured the building, they open fire on the Stalkers, but then get ambushed by Hunter Drones. After eliminating the Stalkers and Drones, the team heads to the LZ and secures it, but the Leviathan comes and Hale runs into a building while all the other Black Ops soldiers die.


Open a door and kill two Hybrids. Then climb a slope and cross a bridge. Turn right and before crossing the bridge, you are ambushed by a team of two Ravagers and two Hybrids. Eliminate them and go up the slope and turn a corner. Then use a Fareye from a fallen soldier to snipe the enemies that are shooting at you. cross the bridge and he climb up another slope. Then cross a bridge and upon halfway of reaching the other end, there will be Steelheads and Grims attacking you. Eliminate them and head into the building where the Grims came from. Then there are Hunter Drones and some Patrol Drones attacking you. After eliminating them, head upstairs. push open another door and two Black Ops soldiers give him a Laark. The monster comes and destroys the Kingstone VTOL. The Leviathan comes closer and picks you up. Use the Laark on him. You will then be thrown onto a building. Run up some stairs and then cross a makeshift bridge and then go to the bottom part of that tower. The Lieviathan will then pick you up again. Fire with your Laark again and the Leviathan thows you halfway across the city, into an outpost of another tower.


Fight your way through the building kand kill the Hybrids. Then kill two Hybrids and go to the roof of that building. Then you have to get more Laark ammo and try to attract the Leviathan by shooting at him. Patrol Drones will come and you have to eliminate them. The charges in the skybridge fail to detonate and Blake orders you to destroy it with your L210 LAARK. If you destroy it too early, it misses. If you destroy the bridge succesfully, it damages the Leviathan. Shoot again when the Leviathan is wounded and kill the Leviathan. You are then picked up by a VTOL to head to another tower.

Weapons Edit

Starting Loadout Edit

  1. M5A2 Folsom Carbine
  2. L210 Laark (Leviathan battle)

Found in Level Edit

  1. M5A2 Folsom Carbine
  2. Bullseye
  3. Bullseye Mark II
  4. Auger Mark II
  5. Rossmore 238
  6. Marksman
  7. HVAP Wraith
  8. HE .44 Magnum
  9. L210 Laark
  10. V7 Splicer
  11. Bellock
  12. Fareye
  13. Frag Grenade
  14. Hedgehog Grenade
  15. Smoke Grenade
  16. Plasma Cannon (Assault Ravagers)
  17. Shield (Assault Ravagers)
  18. Pulse Cannon (Hellfire Turrets)

Allies Edit

  1. Black Ops
    1. Victor Company
    2. Kingstone
    3. Unknown
  2. Echo Team
    1. Spc. Hawthorne
    2. Sgt. Warner
    3. Cpl. Capelli

Enemies Edit

  1. Hybrids
    1. Hybrids
    2. Advanced Hybrids
  2. Steelheads
  3. Grims
    1. Cocoons
    2. Grims
    3. Leeches
  4. Furies
  5. Ravagers
    1. Assault
  6. Drones
    1. Patrol
    2. Hunter
    3. Attack
  7. Stalker
  8. Spinners
  9. Hellfire Turrets
  10. Leviathan

Intel DocumentsEdit

  • Intel 17: Located after swimming across Fury-less waters and head inside a building with red corridors and lying in a room with a dead Black Op.


See Chicago/Transcript



  • The Campaign level is drastically used for separate parts in both Cooperative and Competitive modes.
  • In the tower that the Leviathan demolishes, look closely at the table in the center of one of the rooms; it has a vinyl disk of the song "Pinballz".
  • The real-life historical Chicago Theater makes a appearance in the beginning of the Chicago level in the campaign (stated to be closed for remodeling until it reopens on June 13). And also it can be seen clearly in co-op play in some part of the city level.
  • Posters showing at the Chicago Theater are:
    • Debt of a Sales Clerk. Starring Martha Murgatroyd and William H. Lacy. (reference to Death of a Salesman)
    • Kiss McCabe!
  • This level takes place right around thirteen months after Operation Shadow Strike where Specter Team contained and eliminated much of the Chimera forces, preventing them from launching all out attack on LDP and managed to recovered most of the Grey Techs.
  • There are areas where the player can die instantly from an enemy, these places being "out of bounds."
    • If the player walks towards the bridge on Michigan Ave. before the turrets are destroyed, the player is killed instantly by the Hellfire turrets.