Chicago is a Co-operative map in Resistance 2. It is set at night, in downtown Chicago.

Possible Bosses encounteredEdit

Titan Overseer.

Three Alpha Grims.

Stalker Prototype.

Queen Leaper.

Predator Class Drone.

Possible ObjectivesEdit

Securing the Beacons

In the construction yard three beacons need to be shut down. If this the last objective, two Predator-class Drones will be guarding the last two beacons.

Diffusing the Bomb

In the underground train station a bomb will be armed. A player will be required to defuse it while the other players defend him from a swarm of leapers. If this is the last objective, a Queen leaper will attack the players when the bomb is diffused.

Foxtrot team

In the "Grim alley" the player will have to recover a piece of Grey Tech from a KIA salvage team. Three Alpha Grims will always come over the West wall and attack the player.

Securing the LZ

If Foxtrot team is the second last objective, then a Stalker Prototype will attack the player when he reaches the LZ.

Storming the Museum

There will be a piece of Grey Tech in a museum guarded by Steelheads. If this is the last objective, then the Grey Tech will not be on the stand where it should be. Instead, the steel shutters will close and Steelheads will start firing on the player with their Augers. Command will shout, "Its a trap! Get your force barriers up!"

After a period of time, the shutters will open and the player will be able to secure the Grey Tech from a position outside. However, none of this happens if this isn't the last objective.

Securing Garfield Park

In Garfield park, there will be two heavy defended Auxiliary reactors the player must destroy to open the main Reactor. While the player tries to destroy it, reinforcements will arrive from the steps. If this is the last objective, then a Titan Overseer will arrive and the player must kill it to complete the level.


When the Alpha Grims spawn, leading them to where you entered, "Grim Alley" will make them stop in their tracks. They cannot proceed any further, and it is easy to score headshots on them in this stationary position or you can destroy vehicles when they approach it which deals heavy damage.


There is a glitch in this map that allows you to fall out of the map (to your death) or climb up to a pair of Train tracks which are normally in-accessible.