One decayed -- and one fresh corpse, both wearing tattered Russian uniforms. Must be the same Cloven that scratched the symbols I saw earlier. The bloke who was dead when I arrived had both hands torn and mutilated, middle fingers cut off. Tendons tore through. His comrade must have performed these ritual mutilations after his death. But who killed him? As far as I know, Chimera don't agress on the Cloven. The Hags? Raine thinks new Chimeran breeds aren't wired the same as the old, meaning they won't ignore Cloven the way the Hybrids do. The decayed Cloven had a photo stuffed into his mouth. In Reims, when I showed the photo to Raine, I saw a flicker of light in her eyes — like she knew the guy in the photo, or at least knew who he was, But I couldn't get her to talk. Who is he? Why is he important to the Cloven?

-- Journal Entry, 01 September, 1951 -- James Grayson

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