Cheshire is the fifth level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


Following the success of Operation Shear, Parker decides to take Nathan Hale with her to Northern Command for debriefing. However, they receive no radio contact with the facility en route, and once they arrive, they discover the base is under attack and overrun by the Chimera. Hale is separated from Parker and her men by a cave-in and is forced to fight his way through the base alone. Using radio communication, Parker orders Hale to restore power, stating that the Chimeran specimens, particularly the secret weapon, are in danger.

Hale manages to restore power and making his way through the base, finds his way into the British Intelligence division, encountering all their findings regarding the Chimera. Among the volumes of information present, Hale learns the truth about the 'secret weapon' the British intend to exchange with the Americans; it is in fact a Chimeran creature referred to as an 'Angel', the highest form of Chimeran life and capable of controlling their armies. Hale realizes that this Angel is the reason for the attack on Northern Command; it has called the Chimera here to rescue it. With this knowledge in mind, Hale heads for where the container is stored, to deal with the problem, though he must assist in a now-raging battle to stop the Chimera from claiming their prize.


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No Way​ OutEdit

Use your any weapon to kill off group of Hybrids quickly. Once the hybrids are dead, follow the tunnel, turn right to the cafeteria and Leapers will attack and bite you. Switch to Rossmore 236 to eliminate them. Now continue your way through the cafeteria to the left, go into the tunnel, turn left again and see the Slipskull run past you. Turn right, then go left and kill 8 Hybrids. Turn right, just keep going and kill a hybrid with your L23 fareye, go through the computer room and reach the train hangar. As you enter, kill the Steelhead with any of your weapon, take cover and shoot the barrel to set enemies on fire and kill remaining chimera, go around the bend into the tunnel, quickly kill the hybrid and go straight to the dead end to find some more ammo where it has lots of beds, now go back and turn left.

Use your auger to take out the chimeras and switch to Rossmore 236 if any enemies coming towards you. Enter the locker and shower room, through the hole of the wall, turn right, turn left through the living quarters turn left, turn left again and see Slipskull run past you, that where you're going. Turn right into the underground bucker and take out 3 Slipskulls with your bullseye or L23 fareye. Go farther to the dead end. Wait for the Burrower to go pass from the left side to the right side of the tunnel and obtain Arc Charger if you play the 2nd walkthrough. Now turn left into the tunnel and reach the boiler room, Snipe two chimera from distance. Exit the tunnel, drop down the floor below, then go upstairs to the top floor and flip the switch to open the door. Now go downstairs, take out another 2 hybrids, through the short tunnel, turn right and enter the core room. Go downstairs to the bottom floor and kill 2 Howlers before they'll slash you. Use your Rossmore 236 to kill them out and go to the generator room and flip all 3 switch to turn the power back on.


When the level starts two hybrid will step out from the left.  Blast them and head back to large open room that you passed through on your way here.  As you get close to large room there will be several hybrid and a steelhead blocking your path.  Fareye the chimera and head into the large room.  On the catwalk above you at the top of the stairs is another hybrid.  Fareye him and climb the stairs.  As you approach the opening to leave another hybrid will rush out. M5 him and continue from where he came.  Keep going straight into another large room.  As you head for some stairs leading down a hybrid will show up at the far end of the room and flip a switch.  This lets in some hybrid on the upper walkway.  Fareye this new bunch of arrives and hop down to the ground level. Once you reach the ground level another group of hybrid charge out from your left.  Use your zoom m5 on them and go through the doorway they came out of. This takes you into a boiler room.  Move down the stairs, stop once you are facing the boiler.  Underneath it and to your left is an open service crawspace.  Move into this and a group of leapers will decide to show up. Shotgun them and take a left.  As soon as you turn left another leaper swarm will show up.  After they are gone go the way they came from and exit the crawlspace into another boiler room.  Take the stairs on your right and exit on the other side of the gate in the large room.  Flip the switch on the left and head through the hatch.  Take the open doorway on your left and quickly move down the hallway.  Do your best to dodge the fire coming at you from a group of steelheads as you move down the hallway.  Once you are within decent range deploy a flashback grenade and end them.  Once they are gone take the first right and move through a doorway.  This tunnel will lead to a deadend with a large tunneler created passage on your right.  Move down this new tunnel.  After a little ways in a leaper swarm attacks.  Deal with them and continue on.  Further down this tunnel you will encounter a large number of leaper pods just waiting to hatch.  Instead of waisting nades or explosives on these pests, walk out into the midst of them.  Do this until they start to shake (this means they are about to hatch)  quickly turn around and beat feet the way you came.  After you are clear of the pods do a 180 and blast away at the swarm that is hot on your heels.  After the intensity is over continue your journey through the tunnel.  After the tunnel ends jump up and to your right into a hallway.  Take the first door on your left into the map room.  Once you enter this room the level will end.


Exit the intel room through the only open doorway and take a right that leads to a tunnel.  When you reach the tunnel take a left.  You will arrive at a door on your right that will auto open when you near it.  It opens to a large medical room with some explosive barrels in the center.  The room is also full of menials.  Allow them to group near the barrels and then get as many as you can in the ensuing fireball.  Bash any remainders and move to the glass windows on the righthand side of this room.  Smash through the glass window and enter the next room.  There will be a set of stairs on your right leading up. Before you head up look up and you will see two rooms at the top.  Each has several glass windows.  Shot out a window leading to each room and toss an air-fuel nade through the openings.  This will take out the majority of the hybrids camping up there.  Climp the stairs and m5 any remaining hybrid. Move into the first room through an open window.  Grab your fareye and snipe the steelhead at the end of the rooms.  Look through the doorway to locate him. Move through the doorway by the steelhead and take a left.  There will be a set of stairs leading down with some hybrid at the bottom.  Shoot an explosive ball next to them and head down.  Moving down will cause a swarm of leapers to attack.  Fall back up the stairs and shoot the explosive barrels as the swarm gets close.  Blast the remainder and head back down.  Keep going until you come to some windows on your right that you can't see through.  The room on the other side houses several hybrid.  Shoot out a window and deliver them an air-fuel nade before moving on.  Keep moving down the hall and as you approach an open gate some hybrid will show themselves.  Fareye them and keep going. There will be more hybrid behind the next set of windows on your right. Blast open a window and deploy and air-fuel before continuing on.  Once you reach the end the blast door will auto open.  The next room is a sample storage room.  Headshot the gray jack in the middle of the room and move to one of the walls.  Containment tubes will slowly rise from the floor releasing gray jacks.  Snipe and auger them and the door on the other side will open. Move through the new doorway and up some stairs.  This will take you to the final room.  Its a big room with several containment units.  Charge into the room and deploy a flashback and wipe out the hybrid infesting this room. When they are dead head to the right side of this room, where there is a large empty area next to a big brick wall.  A tunneler will smash through the wall and deploy a large number of troops.  However, you will be waiting for it when it shows up.  After it punches through the wall deploy a flashback and fire your greneade launcher into the cluster of tightly packed troops and m5 the rest. After they are all dead the level will end.

Intel DocumentsEdit

  • Invasion: Inside the computer room, next to a dead soldier and between some wires.
  • Specimen Tank: Near the end of the level you will come to a large tunnel leading downward. This tunnel section is the area where you encounter the reapers. Proceed down the tunnel and enter the second side room on your right. In this room you will notice a tunnel has been cut into the wall on your left. Make your way through this and into the next room. Upon entering look to your right to locate some tables tucked next to the wall. On the tables is the intel document.
  • Post Mortem: Inside the autopsy room.
  • Autopsy: After moving through the med lab where you found the "Post Mortem" document you will climb some stairs move through two more rooms and then head down a tunnel. You will come to several infirmaries with non see-through windows. Head through the first door on your right when you reach this section. Once you are in this room turn right and next to the windows along the far wall are several exam tables. On these tables you will find the intel document.

Skill PointsEdit

  • Passive Aggressive (3 points): Kill 4 Hybrids or Menials with non-weapon damage.
  • We've Lost The Security Deposit Anyway (2 points): Break 10 medical lamps.
  • Mirror, Mirror (3 points): Destroy all glass objects in all three sections.


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  • When the Gray Jack is introduced, it is preparing to kill a British soldier. Although some do not know this, the soldier can be saved by killing the Gray Jack before it can execute the soldier.
  • The Northern Command level may have the largest concentration of Steelheads in the game.
  • This level may be the most creepiest levels in RFoM as Hybrids can suddenly appear out of nowhere and in two bits, you can see a Hybrid sprinting through the hallways.
  • Northern Command is situated in the hamlet of Stamford Bridge, Cheshire next to the river Gowy.