Cheshire is a ceremonial county and former principality in West Midlands and the North West England. Northern Command was located in Cheshire. It was attacked and occupied by the Chimera in October, 1950.

Resistance: Fall of ManEdit

After the Battle of Manchester, Chimeran troops invaded and occupied the Northern Command on July 13th, 1951. The captured Angel was also held in a makeshift tank in Cheshire. Considering their purpose, the 7th Intelligence Corps (if any survived) were in Cheshire and were wiped out by the overrunning of the base.

The British Armed Forces arrived in Cheshire, just after they sealed the tunnel nexus and prevented the Chimera from excavating the tower in Nottingham, England as they approaching the command outpost while the British are trying to contact with the other soldiers, no respond. They've entered the military outpost and now is completely overrun by the Chimera when the Burrower tearing through the base and separating Sergeant Nathan Hale from Captain Rachel Parker and the rest of the British soldiers. Hale fight his way through the base and able to rescue few survivors while battling the Chimera, allowing the survivors to escape. Hale opens the tank and encountered the Angel. In the short battle, Angel tries to control's Hale mind, but Hale able to resists and able to bring down and kills the Angel. Hale abandoned the Northern Command and flown to Cheddar in Somerset by VTOL.


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