Cheddar Gorge is a large gorge located on the outskirts of the town of Cheddar in the United Kingdom, whose name the gorge bears. Sergeant Nathan Hale and Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright rode a LU-P LYNX deep into the Cheddar Gorge to investigate the heavy Chimeran activity found in the region. They later discover a Chimeran Tower which had been excavated, but not constructed - a fact previously unknown to humans.

During the final campaign of Operation Morning Star, the Chimeran hud tower was completely destroyed by Nathan Hale in London while the British able to retake and liberate the whole city of London. The London tower fell had caused the chain reaction that destroys all the other towers in the network and killing all Angels inside the towers. With the Angels gone, the entire Chimeran activity in the gorge begins to collapse and died within minutes. After the British had won the war, all human survivors are investigated the ruins of five towers, including only one in Cheddar Gorge as they attempt to research and reverse engineer on Chimeran technologies and searching in every ruins of cities and villages for uninfected survivors.

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