Channing Brown

Psych ReportEdit

SOLDIER: SGT. Channing Brown
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

For a man of his age, Channing Brown displays a startling assuredness about the
world around him. This can, no doubt, be attributed to his experiences in Europe.
He's the ideal soldier: knowledgeable, confident and fit. However, his resilience
belies a fatalism. I feel that he is protecting the rest of us from some dark
knowledge but when pressed on the details of his mission in Genoa, Brown
remains tight-lipped.

He is quite reticent about his home life. He assures me as to how much he loves
his mother, though his insistence might be masking an insecurity in his
relationship with her. Perhaps he feels that she has relied on him too heavily
since the death of his brother. It's hard to tell with Channing.

Because of his obstinacy, Sgt. Brown does not avail himself to a traditional
psychological assessment; I can only learn about his state of mind through the
ways in which he regards his fellow soldiers. For example, when asked about the
impending experiment, Channing is protective of everyone but himself. He argues
that if anyone must sacrifice his body or his life, it might as well be him. Again, I
must surmise that this attitude is born out of the sergeant's time in battle, during
which he defended the lives of his entire squadron above his own wellbeing.

If I were to determine whether or not Channing Brown is ready to face this
potentially deadly experiment, I would have to conclude that, on some level, he
hasn't fully acknowledged his own participation in it. Either that, or he left all of
his caution and fear on the front lines in Italy.

Record of ServiceEdit



Brown, Channing


REPORT DATE Record of promotions, reductions, transfers, casualties, etc. Date of implementation
4/15/47 Begins BCT at Form Meade, Maryland 4/17/47
6/26/47 Transferred to Co G 29th ID Camp Blanding FL 6/26/47
11/27/47 Named Platoon Leader 11/28/47
3/17/48 Promoted to Private First Class 3/19/48
6/11/48 Battle Group Commander names Brown to command Recon Platoon 6/14/48
7/01/48 Promotion to Corporal 7/2/48
5/27/49 Transferred to Special Recon Unit, USAAF 5/30/49
11/11/49 Participated in Exercise Tiger. Meritorious Conduct Award granted. 11/14/49
1/23/50 Field Promotion to Sergeant 2/17/50
3/23/50 Transferred to Co G 19th ID Camp Blanding FL 3/24/50
4/12/50 Promotion to Corporal 4/14/50
6/19/50 Transfer request to Recon denied 6/23/50
6/19/50 Transfer request to Recon denied 6/23/50
10/12/50 Transfer to ALASKA - specific base location classified 10/13/50

Psych Report (2)Edit

SOLDIER: SGT. Channing Brown
DOCTOR: Dr. Cassie Aklin

Ever the valiant leader, Sgt. Brown responded to the news of his upcoming
injection in a stoic, pragmatic manner. He was more worried about his grieving
mother than himself.

Channing has been harboring feelings of guilt and remorse ever since his time in
Genoa childhood. What is he hiding? His demeanor suggests that of a dutiful son,
but his resentment and/or regret seethes just underneath. It horrifies me to
realize that this might be my final chance to assess his progress. Plus, whenever
I bring up his time in Genoa, he merely repeats the phrase, "It's all in the

Have we ever made "progress?" Why would anyone enlist in a program like PA?
I'm fooling myself to think that I can make any difference in their lives, but I can't
just sit back and comfort them like a lamb being lead to the slaughter. Then
again, I can't deny them that service, either.

Some of these soldiers have already resigned themselves to die. How is Sgt.
Brown going to return to normal society if he actually survives this ordeal?

Tele-fax TransmissionEdit File Locator #[ EU9376Debrief ]
Brown, Channing
Service No. 764122AX
Mildenhall, UK

For Diplomatic Pouch to Department of War

Debriefing Summary, Transcript (Redacted)

BROWN: Upon reaching the northern edge of Genoa, we
discovered the city was under _____________________ The
Italian command was headquartered in the Palazzo Doria. I
was assigned to a mixed unit of British and Italian
soldiers gathering intelligence under the command of _________
________________ there were ____________ in all. We moved
south along the docks until we reached the river.

(( TELE-FAX TRANSMISSION INTERRUPTED-------------------------- )

Lab ResultsEdit

P.A. SUBJECT #764122AX
NAME: Sgt Channing Brown
PEL# dk62462a

Summary: Channing Brown received an experimental viral
load intravenously at Alaska Daylight Time 14:56. Serum
destroyed body's ability to clean up waste at the cellular
level. This led to subsequent cellular breakdown
particularly in fast growing cells lining digestive tract.
The subject developed nausea that did not subside until
the contents of his upper digestive system had been
expelled from his body in their entirety. After the
vomiting reached critical proportions, it became apparent
that the sergeant's internal organs had liquefied and
deposited their contents onto the hospital floor,
alongside said vomit.

Recommendations: Cellular level metabolic function may be
responding to dampening effects of enzyme production.
Reconfigure accordingly before administering any further
human testing.

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