SRPA CE156622TPa


Identifying the Various Breeds of Chimera

Today's modern soldier needs to be ready for anything - special weapons expertise,
hand-to-hand combat and attacks by air, by land and by sea. That's why it's essential
to know and understand the nature of our opponents.
Spinners (pictured below) - These predators look, act and kill like giant insects. First,
they locate their victim. Next, they wrap the unlucky prey into a cocoon-like encase-
ment and use it as a host for their alien egg sacs. God help whoever finds themselves
inside one of these gestation pods.

Crawlers - A more highly evolved version of
the spinner, the crawler is able to digest raw
metal and incorporate alloys into its physi-
ological composition. Once the creature has
fortified its frame with steel, it is more
resilient to defeat.

Zombies - Half living,
half dead, the chimera zombie, lurches
straight out of a nightmare to feed on the
innocent. Some witnesses report seeing these
decaying corpses strike such intense fear in
humans that it renders them immobile,
making it easier for the zombies to devour

Primarchs and Overseers - Previous tactical
wisdom dictated that the chimera were unable
to function outside the jurisdiction of a com-
mander, known as an Angel. But now, the
system has evolved. Primarchs are reported
to control as many as 40 other chimera while
Overseers control 10 or more primarchs.
These are massive foe, indeed. (No image of
Primarchs or Overseers have been captured at
this time)


SRPA CE156622TPb


The following was transcribed from a verbal request made by
Sergeant Nathan Hale to General Patterson. Content has been
redacted under security measure A4.198.3.


HP: Good afternoon, sergeant. What is the nature of your visit

NH: It's about the recon mission. I'm going to need backup to
extract Dr. Silbermann from the conversion center

HP: You've already been assigned two additional men.

NH: Silbermann's work on the new inhibitor is our only chance
for survival. I need the best.

HP: Resources are stretched to the point of breaking, Sergeant
Hale. We need our best men on the frontlines.

NH: Permission to speak openly sir.

HP: Permission denied - this meeting is over.

NH: With all due respect, without a sharpshooter and a good demo
demo man this mission is completely [censored]

HP: Excuse me?

NH: Sir, I've seen those creatures massacre entire families-
even little kids. You have a daughter, right General!?


HP: Get to the point, Hale.

NH: Unless you want every American citizen turned into a stink,
you need to provide me with Diego Sanchez and Lee Dashiel. I
can't go in without them.

HP: These two men are all you need?

NH: Those two men - that's it.

HP: Alright. I'll grant your request, but don't foul this up.

NH: Wouldn't dream of it, sir.


The transcript document between Hale and Patterson bridges to Metastasis.

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