"Say what you want about the Chimera but they've got a heart, and teeth...Big fucking teeth!"
―Bunsen talking to himself in Nottingham[src]

Bunsen was a soldier under the command of Lieutenant Childress in the 24th SAS Regiment's H-Squadron's K Troop. Bunsen fought in Operation: Shear.

Little is known about Bunsen except that he lived or was born in Sheffield and seemed to care about the town. During the Operation, he was one of the two snipers protecting the bridge for his troop and troop commander, Sergeant Brierley, to cross. After K-Troop cross the bridge he and his friend disappear.


  • Bunsen is one of the two characters in Fall of Man that you find out where they live. Bunsen lives or lived in Sheffield as his quote "This is for Sheffield" and the fact that his accent is from that area confirms it. The only other person in the game to say where they lived is Stephen Cartwright who when in Somerset said "I grew up near here."

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