Bryce Canyon is co-operative map in Resistance 2.

Bosses encountered Edit

Stalker Prototype


Steelhead Overseers

Ravager Primarch

Marauder Overseer

Predator class Drones

Hybrid Primarch

Queen Leapers


Defending soldiers

At multiple points in Bryce Canyon, the player must help defend allied soldiers from attack. If defending the soldiers from the downed VTOL is the last objective, then a Stalker will be deployed from a Chimeran dropship.

Killing command units

Throughout Bryce Canyon the player must kill many enemy command units, including Drones, Marauders and Steelheads.

Assaulting the command centre

The player will be tasked with assaulting and defending a heavily defended chimeran compound. Hostiles include Hybrid Primarchs and a Steelhead Overseer.

Activating the harmonic switches

The player must activate 4 harmonic switches: expect heavy resistance, especially from chameleons.